Kiwi CatTools vs. Network Configuration Manager

Kiwi® CatTools® provides the essential basics for managing network device configurations. As your network grows or as operational requirements become more defined, SolarWinds® Network Configuration Manager is the perfect way to right-size your network configuration and change management toolset.

The following table highlights important distinctions between Kiwi CatTools and SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager to help you determine which solution is right for you.

Task Kiwi CatTools SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager
Distributed, multi-user management console No. Each user must have a licensed copy. Multiple instances are not synchronized. Yes, centrally managed with multi-user roles, permissions and activity logging. License determined by the number of devices under management.
Device discovery None. Device profiles are manually created. Yes, automated devices discovery and import.
Device access Managed device-by-device. Managed via profiles.
User access None Roles and permissions.
Device inventory No Yes, device hardware and software components are automatically cataloged.
Configuration backup Yes, basic. Yes, fully managed.
Configuration change detection Yes, offline Yes, offline and “real-time”
Configuration change Yes, device-specific VB scripts, “CLI” commands. Yes, device-independent config templates w/ template builder, “CLI” commands.
Alerting Yes, limited events, email. Yes, polling, thresholds, conditional, time-based, and variable actions.
Task scheduling Yes Yes
Configuration change review and approval No Yes
Vulnerability assessment No Yes
Firmware upgrades No Yes
Compliance auditing No Yes
End-of-life device management No Yes
Integration with Cisco® Smart Net No Yes
Reporting Limited to log results. 20+ out-of-the-box reports, custom reports, and interactive dashboards.
Integration None Network Performance Manager and other SolarWinds Orion® IT management solutions.
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