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Activities Performed by Kiwi CatTools

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An Activity is the method by which CatTools performs a certain function. For example: To backup your devices you would create an Activity of type: Device.Backup.Running Config. To this you would link all of the Devices that you want to be backed up. Finally you would schedule or "Run Now" to complete the process. Below are a list of the different Activities available grouped by type.

Sending Commands to Your Devices

You can send CLI commands to your device or use a template to update it via these simple to use yet powerful Activities. With just a tick of a box for example you can ensure your changes are saved to the startup config.

  • Device.CLI.Send commands - Send commands directly to your device in normal or privileged mode.
  • Device.CLI.Modify config - Send commands whilst in config mode and have your changes saved to the startup config.
  • Device.Update.Banner - Change, set or remove a banner.
  • Device.Update.Password - Set the passwords for your device.

Backing Up Your Devices

The backup process involves obtaining a copy of the running config from your device. This is then compared to any dated config and a difference report generated if necessary that can be emailed to you immediatly.

  • Device.Backup.Running Config

Testing Connectivity

To quickly and easily establish the availability of a device the following Activities are included:

  • Device.ConnectivityTest.Ping - Ping each device and return the round trip statistics.
  • Device.ConnectivityTest.Login - Connect to and log into each device confirming its availability.
  • Device.InterDevice.Ping - Ping a series of addresses from each device.


CatTools contains an internal TFTP server that you can use to receive files sent from your devices but if you want to send those files back again the easiest way is to use this built in Activity.

  • Device.TFTP.Upload Config - Upload text config files to the specified device.


The following reports can be generated by CatTools and emailed to you.

  • Report.ARP table - Build a report of ARP table entries and track changes.
  • Report.CDP Neighbors table - A report of all networked devices that can be seen by the specified device using the CDP neighbor command.
  • Report.Compare.Running Startup - Compare the running config of your device to its startup config and report the differences.
  • Report.Compare Two files - Compare two files and see the differences. Ideal for comparing the config of your device to a template.
  • Report.Error info table - Track interface stats and errors on CatOS/CatIOS/Cisco.routers/PIX firewall devices.
  • Report.MAC address table - Build a list of all MAC addresses on the network.
  • Report.Port info table - Build a list of all ports available on the device along with status.
  • Report.SNMP System summary - A summary report of data available from any device that supports standard system SNMP.
  • Report.Version table - Build a report of device serial numbers, hardware and software versions.
  • Report.X-Ref.Port-MAC-ARP - Build a cross reference of the Port/MAC/ARP reports.

Database Maintenance

Included for maximium flexibility the DB. Activities allow you to update the Devices database at any time. For example: If you change the password on your TACAS server you can update all of your Devices in CatTools with one simple job.

  • DB.UpdateDevice.Password field - Updates any of the password fields.
  • DB.UpdateDevice.Text field - Updates any of the plain text fields.

* Not all activities are supported on all devices.

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