Other settings
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Some of the more advanced program options can be set via the ini file rather than from the setup interface.

The Kiwi Log Viewer settings file can be located at:
C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\KiwiLogFileViewer.ini

Sets the color of the alternating grid rows. Requires 3 RGB colors to be provided separated by commas.

Sets the maximum number of characters shown per grid cell. Making this number smaller can reduce the amount of text shown in the grid. The purpose of this setting is mainly to avoid the issue of invalid file data crashing the program.

Specifies an alternate column delimiter character value. Normally, Kiwi Log Viewer splits each row of data into columns based on the tab delimiter (ASCII character 9). If your file uses something different to delimit each column, you can specify the ASCII character value to use here. Any decimal number between 0 and 255 can be specified. A value of 9 is the default.
If your columns are delimited by pipe (|) characters, use a value of 124
If your columns are delimited by null characters, use a value of 0
If your columns are delimited by colon characters, use a value of 58