Kiwi Syslog Daemon

Kiwi Syslog Daemon
Kiwi Syslog Daemon
Features in the free version
Features in the licensed version
How to purchase the licensed version
Getting started with Kiwi Syslog Daemon
Feedback - Comments or Bugs
Software License Agreement
The main display window
The main display window
File menu
Send Test message to local host (Ctrl-T)
Debug options
Export settings to INI file
Edit menu
Select All
Copy selected items to the clipboard
View menu
View syslog statistics
View e-mail log file
View error log file
Adjust width to fit screen
Clear display
Choose font
Manage menu
Manage menu
Install the Syslogd service
Uninstall the Syslogd service
Start the Syslogd service
Stop the Syslogd service
Ping the Syslogd service
Show the Syslogd service state
Debug options menu
Display the service version
Get diagnostic information
Reset the Syslogd service
Clear the service DNS Cache
Apply new settings to Syslogd service
Retrieve last messages
Send keep alive
Help menu
Context based Help (F1)
Help Topics
Online FAQ
Request a 30 day trial key
Purchase the registered version
Enter the registration details (F2)
Make a suggestion or report a bug
Join the mailing list
About Kiwi Syslog Daemon
Configuring the Syslog properties
Guide to initial Syslog Daemon Setup
How to navigate using the keyboard
Rules / Filters / Actions
How the rule engine works
How to modify the rules
Filter types
Simple filter
Complex filter
Regular Expression filter
IP Address Range filter
IP Subnet Mask filter
Priority filter
Time of Day filter
Time Interval filter
Threshold filter
Timeout filter
Importing and Exporting a filter definition
Action - Display
Action - Log to file
Action - Log to file
AutoSplit values
Log file formats
Action - Forward to another host
Action - Play a sound
Action - Run external program
Action - E-mail message
Insert message content or counter
Action - Send Syslog message
Action - Log to ODBC database
Action - Log to ODBC database
To configure an ODBC database DSN
Problems logging when running as a Service
Action - Log to NT Event log
Action - Log to NT Event log
Setting the log insertion type
Action - Send pager or SMS message via NotePage Pro
Action - Send ICQ instant message
Action - Send SNMP Trap
Action - Stop processing message
Action - Run Script
Tutorial - creating your first script
The script variables
The script functions
Script examples
PIX message lookup
All the variables - (Info function)
JScript escape characters
Setup - Archiving
Setup - Archiving
How the log file archiving works
Example archive report
Archive time options
Setup - Formatting
Custom file formats
Custom DB formats
Setup - DNS Resolution
Resolve the address of the sending device
Remove the domain name (show only the host name)
Resolve IP addresses found within the syslog message text
DNS query timeout
DNS resolver threads
Setup - DNS Cache
The local DNS cache
Cache settings
Setup - Modifiers
Syslog message modifiers
Setup - Scripting
Setup - Appearance
Setup - E-mail options
E-mail setup options
An example Alarm message
An example Statistics message
Setup - Alarm thresholds
Notify by Mail
Audible Alarm
Run Program
Setup - Input options
Setup - Input options
Inputs - UDP
Inputs - TCP
Inputs - SNMP
Beep on every message received
Cisco PIX Firewall (TCP)
Inputs - Keep-alive
Setup - Display
Always on top
Rows of scrolling display
Minimize to System Tray on start-up
Use 3D titles
Use dd-mm-yyyy date format (non US format)
Show messages per hour in title bar
Blink System Tray Icon when receiving messages
Word wrap
Adjust column widths automatically
How the Test button works
The Syslog statistics window
The Syslog statistics window
1 Hour history
24 Hour history
Top 20 Hosts
Kiwi Syslog Daemon Service Edition
Kiwi Syslog Daemon Service requirements
Installing Kiwi Syslog Daemon as a Service
Managing the service edition
Troubleshooting the Service edition
Upgrading to a new version of Kiwi Syslog Daemon NT Service
Upgrading to a new version of Kiwi Syslog Daemon NT Service
Steps to remove existing version
Steps to installing the new version
Configuring Syslog enabled devices
Configuring Syslog enabled devices
Configuring a Cisco Router
Configuring a Cisco PIX
Configuring a Cisco Catalyst switch
Configuring a Cisco 3000 series VPN concentrator
Configuring a Cisco Wireless device (Aironet)
Configuring a Unix machine
Configuring an Extreme Summit switch
Configuring an Alliant Cellular Gateway
Configuring a DLink DL-840V router
Configuring a D-Link DFL-700 firewall
Configuring the Pack X IDScenter
Configuring a SonicWall firewall
Configuring a FREESCO router/firewall
Configuring a FW-1 firewall
Configuring a 3Com Total Control Chassis
Configuring a 3Com NetServer
Configuring a Linksys firewall
Configuring a Linksys wireless VPN router
Configuring a Symantec Firewall/VPN 200
Configuring a SnapGear SOHO+
Configuring a BuffaloTech AirStation Router
Configuring a Intertex ADSL router
Configuring a Lucent router
Configuring an Allied Telesyn router
Configuring an Arris Cable Modem Termination System
Configuring a WatchGuard SOHO firewall
Configuring a Watchguard Firebox to work with DShield
Configuring a Bay Networks device
Configuring a Nortel Networks router
Configuring a ZyXEL ZyWALL 10
Configuring a Netgear / ZyXEL RT311/RT314
Configuring a Netgear RP114 Router
Configuring a Netgear FVS318 VPN Firewall
Configuring a HP JetDirect Printer
Configuring a W-Linx MB Broadband router
Configuring a NetScreen firewall
Configuring a VegaStream Telephony Gateway
Configuring a Bintech access router
Configuring a Meinberg time server
The Syslogd error and e-mail logs
The error log
To view the error log file
The SMTP mail log
To view the e-mail log file
The Syslog Protocol
Syslog Facilities
Syslog Levels
Syslog Priority values
Syslog RFC 3164 header format
The Kiwi Reliable Delivery Protocol (KRDP)
KRDP Error Messages
Running on Windows XP SP2 or Windows 2003 Server SP1
Running on Windows 95
Advanced Information
Registry settings for Kiwi Syslog Daemon
Display - Enabled columns
Display - Default row height
Statistics mail delivery time
Service - Start/Stop Timeout
Service - Properties Update Timeout
Service - Inter-App communication port
Service - Dependencies
Service - Debug start-up
DNS - Disable wait when busy
DNS - Max cache size
Message buffer size
E-mail - Additional subject text
E-mail - Additional body text
E-mail - Limiting the messages sent
File write caching
File logging - Date separator character
File logging - Time separator character
File logging - Encoding format
Script Editor
Script Timeout
Database Command Timeout
Archiving - Replacement character
Archiving - Separation character
Error Log Folder
KRDP - ACK timer
KRDP - Keep Alive timer
KRDP - Disk cache folder
KRDP - Rx Debug
KRDP - Tx Debug
KRDP - Queue size
KRDP - Queue Max MB Size
KRDP - AutoConnect
KRDP - Connect time
KRDP - Send speed
KRDP - IdleTimeout
KRDP - Add SeqNum
Command-line arguments
Command-line arguments
Start-up Debug
Service - Install Service
Service - Uninstall Service
Automating the installation of Kiwi Syslog Daemon
Using an INI file to automatically configure the settings
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