Configuring a Meinberg time server

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Thanks to Heiko Gerstung from Meinberg Funkuhren for providing this information.


More information available from Meinberg website.


Meinberg LANTIME timeservers



Meinberg Linux-based timeservers can be configured to forward their locally created syslog entries to a max. of two remote syslog servers (e.g. Windows-based PCs or servers running Kiwi Syslog Server). This can be setup in the web-administration-interface of the systems like this:


Log on to the web-interface of your LANTIME
On the main page, choose "Ethernet"
Fill in the hostname and/or IP address of your system running Kiwi Syslog Server in the field "Syslog Server 1". (If you operate another syslog server, you can add a second syslog receiver by using the "Syslog Server 2" field)
Click on "Save Settings" to permanently store this configuration, you will see almost immediately that the first syslog messages are received by Kiwi Syslog Server


An online demo of the web-based configuration interface can be found on their website.


(This demo skips the logon process, you are directly starting on the main page mentioned above)


Meinberg GPS receivers equipped with the LAN-XPT module


A number of the Meinberg GPS radio clocks, mostly the GPS167 series, can be equipped with an additional network management module, allowing the user to query the status values of the GPS radio clock by using SNMP. Additionally, these modules can send syslog messages to one syslog server and SNMP traps to a max. of three SNMP trap receivers.


In order to configure such a module,  you need to:

logon to the module via Telnet to port 9999

*** Meinberg XPT Setup V1.5 ***

MAC address 00204A82B8B8

Software version V0160 (050127) CPK_580_XPTEX

[] XPT Password:********


In the Setup menu, choose option 4 (syslog configuration) by entering a "4" followed by RETURN.


Change Setup:

  1 Network configuration

  2 Clock port configuration

  3 SNMP configuration

  4 SYSLOG configuration

  7 factory defaults

  8 exit without save (no reboot)

  9 save and exit


 90 Change password

                                  Your choice ?


Answer "Y" (=yes) to the "Use SYSLOG logging?" question

Enter the IP number of the system running Kiwi Syslog Server as it is described in the manual of the radio clock:


******** SYSLOG Configuration ********

Use SYSLOG logging?  (Y) ? Y


 Enter IP address for SYSLOG server:(172) .(016) .(003) .(042)


Save the settings by entering "9" followed by RETURN, the module (not the whole radio clock) will reboot and starts sending its status messages to the Syslog server


Meinberg Redundant GPS radio clocks

(equipped with the SCU-XPT network management module)



The SCU-XPT module is used in redundant GPS radio clock systems, where two GPS radio clocks are running and the SCU-XPT module switches the source for the output signals depending on the status of the two clocks. This unit is very similar to the LAN-XPT module in terms of Syslog and SNMP Trap features and procedures, you can use the LAN-XPT configuration description for this product without any changes.